Art for Housewives

Aesthetics are homemade. That is, the formation of taste comes from the home. From homemakers. From our mothers. The way they feed us, the way they dress us, the way they decorate our homes. The way they care for us. Housewives are our first trendsetters. Because our childhood follow us throughout our lifetime. Like Proust’s madeleines.

The domestic arts, the so-called applied arts, were really the first arts. Inirially art was, as norm given value because of its utility but now art, as luzury, is given value because of its futility. So today art’s ontology is that of existing for itself. And not for others. That’s why sometimes art is lonely and feels nostalgia for the housewives of it’s past.

When art was based on everyday objects, art existed every day. Its relationship with the quotidian was symbiotic. Art was, subsequently, related to the home. Now art, if important, is at home only if it’s away from the home and in a museum.

Domestic habits have changed and so have we. Art for housewives is an eulogy to the housewife and to the aesthetics she’s helped us create.


Check out Cynthia Korzekwa’s Art for Housewives blog: – «Arte per Massaie… the purpose of this weblog is to collect information related to women, art and the home… you know, housewife stuff. And because recycling begins at home, our motto is MAKE ART NOT TRASH».

If you are interested in the subject, here is my artbook Arte per Massaie (Art for Housewives), an illustrated essay on how to make beautiful and useful objects by recycling trash!


Recycled and upcycled objects gallery: